Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for your dice hoarding tabletop gaming Valentine? Perhaps you’re hunting up something for your TCG/Board game loving partner. Whatever their tabletop gaming love is, maybe something from our gift guide might be just the thing you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day!

Gifts for Dice Hoarders

Dragon Bagons make a fantastic gift for the dice hoarder with a large collection of dice! They might be cute and cuddly, but they will protect a dice collection ferociously!


Also in the realm of cute and cuddly are Bagthulu’s! These little guys are especially great for lovers of Call of Cthulu.

If staring longingly at their favourite sets is your dice hoarder’s favourite thing to do, you really can’t go past Looking Glass dice storage by Dog Might Games! You can even theme them to their D&D character with class icon artwork inscribed in the Looking Glass XL’s plexi top!

For the gamer who not only has dice to cart around to their gaming sessions, but mini’s as well, Dragon Sheaths are a great idea!

Gifts for Board & TCG Gamers

Simplify your gamer’s storage for cards, tokens, and whatever else they need to pack away by grabbing them a Sentinel! These sturdy boxes come in multiple configurations suitable for TCG, dice, or token storage.


Do you have a board gamer in your life who ends up with their tokens scattered everywhere while playing? Maybe you’d like to help them keep game time a bit tidier, and certainly easier with a Token Shield!

Looking for some more games to play this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than our Half-Monster Games titles!

Gifts for Pin Collectors

Pins, pins, pins! If your pin collecting Valentine is into RPG’s, then we have a huge collection to choose from!

Gifts for Game Masters

Making game play as immersive as possible is a goal high on the list of any Game Master. Designed to immerse RPG players in a variety of fantasy themed locations, Cantrip Candles adds another layer of atmosphere to the gaming table. Some of our best selling scents are Library Scriptorium, A Walk in the Woods, Black Hound Tavern, and Sanctuary.

If you really want to wow the Game Master in your life you really can’t go wrong with a Valhalla Screen. One of the most luxurious RPG accessories available on the market, nothing intimidates players more than sitting down with one of these works of art on the table! Make the most of getting one of these screens by pairing it with it’s accessories – storage shelf, extra plexi initiative trackers, and dice tower – All of which attach directly to the screen via magnets allowing for easy customisation every time they set it up!