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Meeples & Dragons is an online specialty store that stocks tabletop related accessories to the Australian market. Based in Brisbane, our aim is to acquire unique, high-end gaming accessories and make them available to the Australian market. This allows the customer to deal directly with an Australian company while avoiding the hassle of arranging products through Australian customs themselves. We buy in bulk and can transfer the savings on to the consumer.

We have formed several partnerships abroad to acquire the best quality products. When we can’t find a product that meets our quality requirements then we manufacture our own. This way we can guarantee the quality and provide a unique product we hope our customers will enjoy.

Current Status

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Express Post now Available

Need a valentines day gift but running out of time? We’ve recently added Express Post to help speed your parcel along. See our updated shipping information.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for your dice hoarding tabletop gaming Valentine? Perhaps you’re hunting up something for your TCG/Board game loving partner. Whatever their tabletop gaming love is, maybe something from our gift guide might be just the thing you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day! Gifts for Dice Hoarders Dragon

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Kickstart & Crowdfunding

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Here at Meeples & Dragons we like to keep abreast of emerging products. One way this is done is to keep a close eye on the crowd funding community and when we recognise a great product, we help fund the project. In the event the project succeeds we endeavour to acquire the product for resale.

We are proud supporters of the following successful crowdfunded projects:

  • HeroForge Founding (2014) – Cartographer Pledge
  • Pairs: A New Classic Pub Game (2014) - Single Deck Pledge
  • OrganATTACK! (2016) - Game & Plushie Pledge
  • Tak: A Beautiful Game (2016) - Arcanist Pack Pledge
  • Critical Role: Steamforge Miniatures (2018) – Critter Pledge
  • Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special (2019) – Defender Pledge
  • Legends of Novus (2019) – Legend Pledge
  • Thornless Rose - D20 Leather D20 Dice Bag
  • The 5E Player Screen

Building community

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We are more than an online store and aim to give back to the tabletop community. Though still in our early days we are currently working on several plans and we aim to work with established groups, clubs and charities.

Tabletop and RPG games are a growing positive impact in the world and are a great way of bringing people together. Supporting the spread of these hobbies here in Australia is our ultimate goal.

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