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BGG Rating: 8.1
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 40+ mins
Age: 12+

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Play the Legend

Labyrinthos is an innovative speed exploration game inspired by the ancient Greek legend of the Minotaur. Player’s take on the roles of Athenian sacrifices that have been forced into the Labyrinth to feed the monstrous son of Minos. Each player must explore the maze to uncover its secrets and outsmart the other sacrifices, in order to win the game by being the first to escape to freedom.

Enjoy Complete Control of Your Hero

In Labyrinthos, players don’t just have total control over their actions, but also their action tokens! Each action costs a certain number of feet or hand tokens. Movement actions often cost feet tokens while manipulating the maze requires hand tokens. At the end of a player’s turn they must take 7 action tokens but may choose exactly how many of each token to take for their next turn. This gives players the ability to play their hero exactly how they want to every turn.

A Game of Transformation and Sacrifice

The Labyrinth is a place of twisting pathways where one can get lost for a lifetime. Maze tiles turn unexpectedly, secret passages lead to new places, and walls appear out of nowhere. Players will need to stay alert and keep adapting their strategy as everyone attempts to transform and manipulate the maze in their favor.
One of the most innovative mechanics in Labyrinthos is the key system. Every time a player discovers a key within the maze it will permanently change their hero’s actions for the rest of the game. Each key comes with a unique and powerful new action, but there’s nothing gained without sacrifice! The player will have to choose to put this new key token over one of their current actions, losing the ability to use that action for the rest of the game. Choosing the right keys and sacrificing your actions wisely is often the difference between winning or being eaten!
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