Meet the cast

Hamish Martin | the Dungeon Master

I was first introduced to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons by my older brother who, bless his cotton socks, let his much younger brother tag along when he played with his friends. I cut my teeth on classic modules like Against the Cult of the Reptile God, Beyond the Crystal Caves and the original Ravenloft. Well and truly hooked at a young age, I then proceeded to lure my friends in, which led to me becoming “The Eternal DM.” I played religiously all through high school, progressing to 2e when it first came out, but once high school was done, so was my playing. My friends and I all went our separate ways and life conspired to lead me away from the game. It wasn’t until about 2018 that I got back into it, thanks to our local toystore and my amazing partner. The local store was starting to get DND stock in and wanted someone to run some games, and she kicked me up the ass to actually do it, so I decided to jump back in. Four years later and I’m well and hooked again. Along with running the occasional one shot for the local store and finding new people to get hooked on the game, I also run a home campaign with a bunch of friends, and have even popped up on the occasional Twitch stream for things like Jasper’s Game Week.

Why do I keep playing this game of make believe and shiny math rocks at my advanced years? Because I love getting the chance to help others tell amazing stories, hang out with cool people and make new friends. Plus this whole community is absolutely amazing.

Hamish plays Wendel, the halfling monk in the M&D home campaign and is also the DM of many other campaigns.

Cass | Mirera Greenleaf

Halfling Sorcerer/Aberrant Mind

Cass aka Shadowmere (she/her) a complete noob in the realms of dungeons and dragons, was enticed into learning more about the game after watching a now banned episode of Community. This lead down the rabbit hole, meandering past shows like Harmon Quest and ultimately Critical Role. Alas it was only in April of 2022 that she played her first one-shot, as Arianna Gracecoven, an elfin Druid, that she got her first real taste of the magic and camaraderie that is D&D. When not playing D&D, you’ll find Cass playing Skyrim, Animal crossing and maybe a little Black Desert Online, reading or spending time with her huskies Rikkon & Gendry and cats Ash, Mouse and Audrey.

Heath/The Antipodean d20 | Grumpfel

Deep Gnome Cleric/Life Domain

G’day everyone!
I found gaming through gamebooks (namely Lone Wolf by the late great Joe Dever) back in 1988/89. As soon as I found out that Joe was the 1982 AD&D champion, I had to find out more about AD&D.
Finding RPGs and Gamebooks in the Northern Territory was a tough task. I managed to play some AD&D with a friend and his older brother and some of their friends. I was immediately hooked (I mean, by that stage I’d watched Willow a bunch of times). We played some Rifts as well as we all liked the post apocalyptic / future theme.
I moved to Adelaide in 1997 for university and that’s where I was re-introduced to AD&D, and through to D&D 3.5. Having also played WEG Star Wars and Cyberpunk, I have really enjoyed gaming and the immersion that it brings. I started The Antipodean d20 in 2014 as a platform to share local gameplay and game design, as well as international gamers and their achievements.
I was lucky enough to go to Gary Con VIII in 2016 and met some really awesome people; gamers and designers alike. I started streaming videos with tidbit advice about 5 years ago, and then semi-regular themed shows in the last 18 months, though that has been a challenge during COVID.
I still work fulltime but try to game and stream when and where I can.
My dream is that this becomes my day job.

John Lawton | Tiernan De’Pallan

Shardfolk Artificer

John likes to describe himself as a 90’s kid who wasn’t allowed to play D&D and has tried to make up for that loss ever since. Diving into Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in his late teens John has had an on again off again relationship ever since, playing each of the different versions as they were released. Yes, even 4th edition, although he admits it was only a few sessions. A Forever DM, John loves 3.5e due to its extensive player options that encouraged more role play options, but confesses he finds 5e is far more time efficient.

John is all about accessibility in the TTRPG space, believing that the more diverse a table, the better the role play experience becomes. He’s happy to play almost any TTRPG system and has had experience in Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Shadowrun and one day plans to run My Little Pony RPG when his daughter is old enough. 😊

John is the resident GM here at Meeples & Dragons.

Kate | Rowan Boulderhill

Lightfoot Halfling Warlock – Genie Patron

Educator, Performer, TTRPG Player. Kate didn’t start playing TTRPG’s until 2020, but she certainly has taken the bull by the horns. Being a main cast member of Dungeons and Doctorates has seen her playing a myriad of different characters, and joined up with the rest of the team to be part of Jaspers Game Week: Aussie Edition 2022. A trained improviser and performer, Kate is a card carrying member of the 10,000 word backstory club with a growing collection of clicky clacky math rocks that may turn into a problem. She’s at one with the pun and isn’t afraid to lean into the weird in game – so be prepared.

Kate is passionate about safety in the performing arts, and that extends to the TTRPG space. Making sure that players have people to talk to for support, GMs have resources to ensure safety, and everyone has a good time at the table is super important, regardless of people’s backgrounds or life experience. A trained mental health first aider with the supportive nature of your favourite teacher, she’s always around if you need help.

Kate is a regular D&D player in the podcast Dungeons & Doctorates.

Pr0mythean | Delgrim Harrowfell

Duegar Ranger

Pr0mythean got his first taste of D&D from DragonLance novels, but didn’t get to actually play until many (many) years later. It wasn’t until he started streaming on Twitch and found himself playing a game in the first Jasper’s Game Week – Aussie Edition that he truly fell in love though, finding a new appreciation for creating interesting characters and bringing worlds to life; and he’s been mildly successful at convincing folk to drag him into online games since.

Pr0mythean is a DM on the twitch stream thelorewrights

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