Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 24

My Fungi Friend

Aurelia watched in horror as the webbing beneath Asterin’s feet gave way and her sister fell out of sight. The rope around Aurelia’s waist suddenly grew taunt with Asterin’s weight and threatened to drag Aurelia over the edge as well. Planting her feet, she stopped Asterin’s fall as best as she could, but she was being pulled slowly towards the edge. The other party members quickly raced to her side to assist as the webbing continued to burn around them.

With numbers on their side the group was able to haul Asterin back up and rapidly made a dash to the southern side of the chasm. As they ran the Crescent Claw once again soaked up the blood upon its blade, granting Aurelia some extra health, she also noticed that her hands and feet no longer stuck to the webbing, and she was able to run freely across the web without issue.

*Aurelia’s earlier Blindsight has now been replaced with Web Walker and Web Sense. *

With solid ground beneath them all, the party briefly paused to watch as the webbing was slowly consumed by green fire. Realising they were perhaps still too close to the blaze they turned to the two passageways that led away from the chasm. Aurelia placed her hand to some of web covered floor and she could sense tiny vibrations along the threads emanating from the web filled tunnel on the left. She recommended to the group that they take the right most tunnel to avoid any further surprises.

At about 50ft down the passageway and with no more spider webs to be seen, the party judged themselves safe enough for a short rest. Licking their wounds and minor burns, Aurelia took a moment to consider the blade in her hands. A gift from her patron, who she knew less about then her blade, it seemed to grant her minor abilities from the opponents she faced. Mulling over this thought she noticed a barely noticeable colour change in the tiger eye gem. It was difficult to see in this light, so she resolved to investigate the blade once back above ground. Perhaps it held other hidden powers.

*(Evil DM grin) I love it when you genuinely hook a player’s interest in their own character’s story. Warlock’s can hold great opportunities. *

Now with no way back across the chasm the party ventured forward, further down the passageway, deeper into the earth. The motes of spores in the air continued to get denser as the party travelled which seemed to float with the subtle changes in the air currents. After several hours, the tunnel opened out onto a large cavern which was filled with a large mushroom forest that spilled out across the cavern floor. The fungi forest appeared to be the source of all the spores which the air was thick with, gently floating around the party.

A sudden shift in the spore’s position, as if the cavern was taking a great breath of air, and the spores floated towards the nearest mushroom condensing into a thick ball. Moments passed and a great sigh of spores spilled out once more revealing a 4ft mushroom like creature which began to slowly shamble forward. The cloud of spores clung to this creature extending out 20ft in all directions. Our party grew nervous as the creature got closer, readying their weapons, but the slow shamble of the creature appeared non-threatening.

The creature stopped at 20ft from the party, it’s cloud of spores spread out in front of itself enveloping the group. A slight tickle of thought in the back of the player’s minds resolved into a deep, slow speaking voice within each of their heads.

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“Hello there man! What’s a group like you doing in a place like this?” the voice spoke in a very slow fashion.

*If you think of a poor impression of Tommy Chong. Then you’ll probably guess how this guy spoke. The players couldn’t make a decent roll to save themselves and had no clue what creature this was. Fortunately, that why NPCs exist and Gundren recognised the creature as the non-aggressive Myconid race and proceeded to inform the players what he knew. *

Realising the Myconid posed no threat they struck up a loose conversation and were able to gain some information concerning the cave network and the Myconid colony. The Myconid circle had been cut off from their main colony by a recent cave-in towards the south part of the cavern, which the Myconid’s were busy resolving in their own slow way. Another passageway was to the north which led to a kobold den and eventually the surface.

The party were offered safe haven for the night. A bed of soft moss-covered stones were provided which would allow the group a long rest without being accosted. Several Myconids could be seen inhabiting dead kobolds, patrolling the outskirts of the cavern. It was clear the Myconids had had encounters with kobolds in the past and took their dead bodies as homes for themselves. Taking the offer of safe haven, the party gain a long rest with no interruptions.

*The party were quite low on abilities and spells from the previous two encounters, so a long rest was well earnt. *

Gearing up the party bid the Myconid circle goodbye and headed down the northern passageway towards the kobold den. It wasn’t long before grunts, barking and the clanging of metal upon metal could be heard up ahead. Merric and Wendel took the lead hoping to catch any creatures unaware with their stealth.

Peering into the small cavern ahead they saw a crude smithy currently occupied by 3 kobolds. Not wasting any time, the halflings charged in taking 2 of the kobolds unprepared. The final one took one look at the two halflings butchering his friends and high tailed it out the low tunnel to the west. Releasing a rope, the western passageway collapsed into a shower of rubble, leaving the passageway to the north as the only exit.

Asterin and Aurelia entered the room, Aurelia’s tall horns caught in some small webbing on the ceiling that had a concealed line connected to alarm bells which filled the room and echoed throughout the cave. The distinct, dog like barking could be heard coming from the northern tunnel. Asterin could barely make them out but understood the language and was able to provide a rough translation for the group.

“Intruders. Protect young. Fight, slash, defend, kill. Yip, Yip!”

Looks like the party has successfully alerted the entire den. With the western passage blocked they will now be forced to find another route through the den and eventually the surface. Find out how the party fairs next session.

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