Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 18

Actions Have Consequences

Aurelia had dropped a bombshell last session with Asterin quickly intervening to ask for a moment in private to talk to her party. I had thought long and hard how Sildar would react to this and figured he would grant their request; however, he was tired and somewhat angry.

“You have 3 mins,” Sildar informed them walking out of the office and down the hall. A 3-minute sand glass was put in front of the players.

*Time trials are fantastic and I really encourage every GM to try them. Not always involving life or death situations. This was pure RP and the players did not let me down.*

Realising that she had let the cat out of the bag, Aurelia immediately started to argue in favour of telling Sildar about the deed but not to hand it over. The others in her party weren’t really in favour of withholding the deed, but eventually came around to her argument for now.

The three-minute mark had hit and Sildar hadn’t returned. It was at this point that the party realised that Sildar had neglected to close the office door. Worried that they had been overheard Aurelia immediately went to the door and looked down the hall. She saw Sildar returning with company, a big half-orc with a great axe strapped to his back and a frequently grinning dwarf with pistols on his belt.

*Introducing Hud & Dolmyr, a pair of Greycloaks that Sildar had recently recruited. Hud a bald half-orc barbarian who rarely talks and is more interested in dying for a worthy cause. Dolmyr is the complete opposite, a constantly talking, smiling, dwarven artificer.*

Aurelia immediately ducks back inside informing the party, and they all start freaking out thinking that they’re about to be arrested.

*I hadn’t intended this, but it was hilarious making them sweat a bit.*

Sildar walked straight past his office and proceeds to kick in Harbin’s door to the chagrin of the Townmaster. Sildar proceeds to strips Harbin him of the Townmaster’s position, arrests him for inciting violence in town and assumes authority over Phandelin in the name of the steward of Neverwinter. As the pair of Greycloaks drag him to the lockup the party overheard Harbin mutter “But she promised me!” before being dragged out of sight. Sildar re-entered his office and sat down at his chair.

“You have something to tell me?” he enquired.
Clearly forgetting everything that the party had previously discussed Aurelia comes clean about the deed and immediately hands it over at Sildar’s request. Which Sildar immediately burns.

*I hadn’t planned on Sildar burning the deed, but it seemed appropriate given his mood. Removing the deed from the equation would remove the animosity from the players in town. Sildar can always request a new land deed. *

Sildar then explains that he had to act against Harbin or else further bloodshed would have resulted. He also acted this way to avoid implications with the party’s actions, as he still required the use of their services. To which he requested they escort him to see Griska as a show of strength. The party agrees.

The party are joined by Hud and Dolmyr before leaving. Arriving at the Craven Dragon the party immediately notice that Griska has more men who all appear rather haggard looking. Griska talks to them from the balcony, with armed men at his side. He agrees to a private word with Sildar but will only allow the party up with him, no Greycloaks. Sildar agrees.

They enter Griska’s study who has 2 guards at his side and Gregor stationed at the door. Merric couldn’t resist having a dig at Gregor.

Merric: “huh, small feet.”
Gregor: “No they’re not!!”
Aurelia: “Oh. Oh my!”

One successful intimidation roll later, Gregor was now feeling uncomfortable and unsure of his foot size.


dragon icon green

*Only in D&D would I have to role play someone being self-conscious of the size of their feet.*

Sildar proceeds to inform Griska of the disposal of Harbin and that he had assumed authority over the town. He also proceeded to lay down the law informing Griska that all violence was to cease, and furthermore that Sildar had retrieved and destroyed the deed to the Tresander Manor.

*Everyone in this room suspects that Griska was behind the night raid on the Miner’s Exchange and had tried to kill Hallia. *

Griska wasn’t too happy to hear this news, but to his credit he agreed with Sildar’s request. He also divulged some new information to the new “sheriff” that the Redbrands had appointed a new leader who was incredibly angry with the events of the last couple of weeks. When pressed he revealed that they had a camp located somewhere to the NE.

Before leaving, Griska requested a private word with Wendel and everyone leaves the room, including all Griska’s guards. Merric attempts to listen through the door, but Gregor is having none of it.

Inside Griska informs Wendel about the presence of a bounty on his head which had to do with the death of a person known as Shadowmaul. When pressed he only informs Wendel that it was a private bounty that was not being made by the authorities and that it requested Wendel to be alive or information to his whereabouts. Griska lets Wendel know he will keep it to himself but he would like a future favour from Wendel in return. Wendel says nothing and simply leaves.

*Wendel isn’t as innocent as some of his party members seem to believe. I like adding little tidbits from players’ backstory. Allows for more opportunity to use these story elements later.*

Leaving the Craven Dragon, Sildar informs the party this has bought them at most 2 weeks and that that they need to find Gundred, find Wave Echo Cave and return within this timeframe before all hell breaks loose. The scout Lesri will be waiting for them at their inn to show them Cragmaw Castle, the suspected location of Gundren.

*Phew. No more distractions for the players. Go save Gundred already! I don’t like railroading, but Sildar had to act with the information he was presented. Locking up the players wasn’t really going to help his situation. Buying them time would. *

Before heading back to the inn, Aurelia organises with Sister Garaele for tutoring of refugee children and donates some gold for this cause. The whore Meredith catches Aurelia leaving the orphanage, informs her that Griska is furious and is worried. Aurelia comforts her and informs her that Sildar is in charge of the town. Meredith isn’t convinced.

Across from the Stonehill Inn lay a dwarf Greycloak with legs sprayed out into the street who was using a live bear as a pillow. Both snoring loudly. Passers-by gave her a wide birth. A strong smell of alcohol wafted from her direction. The party was curious but for now left her alone.

Most of the party sat down for dinner, while Aurelia ran off to the Orchard to inform the refugees about the children’s’ schooling she had arranged. When she returned to the inn, she used her Awakened Mind ability to inform the bard Falros that she’d leave her bedroom unlocked.

Awakening in the morning the party realised that the dwarf and bear were still asleep beside the road. The realisation that this was their guide didn’t fill them with confidence. Aurelia wasn’t to be deterred, proceeding to wake up and invite the dwarf in for breakfast. The dwarf introduces herself as Lesri and her companion is Meadhead, a bear, she informed them, who couldn’t handle his liquor.

*Lesri is loosely based on Calamity Jane from Deadwood, a very drunk, not caring what people think, scout. I’ve based a couple of things in Phandelin from the Deadwood series, it just didn’t feel right without some form of Calamity Jane.*

Lesri informs the party that Cragmaw Castle was located 1 day north of Phandelin and without any incidents, Lesri escorts them there. In front of the party stands a derelict structure that’s made up of 7 towers. Lesri bids them good luck and wanders off into the wilderness.

Finally, we are at Cragmaw Castle, which seemed like a good spot to end the session. Next session we find out what has befallen poor Gundred during this time.

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