Lost Mines of Phandelver – Intro

John here – Recently I’ve thrown myself back into the DM chair, I’ve been chomping at the bit for months now. Due to COVID-19 this was my first attempt to move onto an online interface, to assist with this hurdle I decided to run the pre-made starter kit Mines of Phandelver to make prep a little easier. To join Sarah on this adventure we recruited our colleagues Hamish, Tam, and just because it wasn’t difficult enough, our friend based in America, Dan.

Together they will be running through the campaign with the following roles;

  • Sarah – Asterin, Female Half-Elf Sorcerer / Draconic Bloodline
  • Tam – Aurelia, Female Tiefling Warlock / The Great Old One Patron
  • Dan – Merric, Male Halfling Fighter
  • Hamish – Wendel Hardblossom, Male Halfling Monk

Now I know what you are all thinking, “Where are the heals? They are going to die.” And you are probably right.

So now this campaign has been transformed into a challenge of not killing my players… talk about easing back into the GM seat. Furthermore, the girls were incredibly “kind” enough to have created two eerily similar character names which are difficult to say. Sigh. Yes, they have backstories for it too. Thanks girls.

But I have a plan… no, no, no I don’t, they are all going to die. Fortunately, they all rolled ridiculous ability rolls. Here are the stat lists after race bonuses are applied;

  • Asterin – 10, 15, 16, 12, 16, 19
  • Aurelia – 9, 15, 15, 14, 11, 19
  • Merric – 13, 19, 18, 11, 14, 12
  • Wendel – 10, 18, 18, 9, 15, 15

I am expecting that most battles are going to be very one sided with my mobs occasionally getting a few hits in. Without heals though these hits are going to make the players very self-conscious of fights at low levels.

We will have to wait and see how the dice rolls.

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