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Meeples & Dragons is an online specialty store that stocks tabletop gaming accessories. Based in Brisbane Australia, our aim is to work with other TTRPG creators and indie boardgame developers to bring their unique creations to Australian shores.

We have formed several partnerships abroad and at home to acquire the best quality products out there. We are also small time creators ourselves, creating our own unique line of Tabletop Glasses featuring D&D and board game themed artwork.

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Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 34

Undead Fire Fight  Last we left our heroes they had decided to back track to the Forge of Spells in the hope of re-enchanting their weapons before delving deeper into the mines. Outside the Forge of Spell room they were set upon by four ghouls. Aurelia winning the initiative raced

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Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 33

Stumbling in the Dark   Despite the valiant effort of the players to destroy the Black Spider *not to mention destroying all of the boss’s strategy* he had successfully escaped through the southern door. Merric ran through the southern door in pursuit of Nezznar, but he was greeted with darkness in

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Join our newsletter to go into the draw to win our monthly giveaway. Each month is a new prize. The prize for February is a Player Pack featuring a 5e Player Screen, a Players Notepad, Session Note Stickers, a Treasure Hunter & Let’s Do Some Damage enamel pins. Prize will be drawn on 01/03/21. See T&Cs for details.

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Kickstart & Crowdfunding

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Here at Meeples & Dragons we like to keep abreast of emerging products. One way we do this is by keeping a close eye on the crowd funding community and when we recognise a great product, we help fund and/or expand awareness of the project. 

We are proud supporters of the following successful crowdfunded projects:

Building community

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Here at Meeples & Dragons we strive to give back to the tabletop community more than we take out of it. In doing so, we have made connections with people and organisations we never dreamed we’d ever get the chance to work with! Here are some of the connections we’ve made for 2021 that you should definitely check out!

Jasper’s Game Day is here to change the world, one game at a time!

Their journey began back in 2017. After losing two friends to suicide in a ten-month period, their creator, Fenway Jones, teamed up with her dad, Aaron, to use TTRPG’s to help prevent others from going through similar losses. Teaming up with local conventions, they used the games played to raise money that then went to local Crisis Centres to aid with resources and spread awareness.

Their annual event, Jasper’s Game WEEK, is officially coming to Australia this May! We’ve teamed up with Jasper’s Game Day to get more games into the schedule that suit the Aussie time zone, featuring some of the most absolutely fantastic people in the Aussie TTRPG scene! Keep an eye on our socials for more news and announcements as they happen!

See the full schedule of Aussie Jasper’s Game Week games here!

Dungeons and Dragons Australia is a Facebook group focused on providing Australians and Australians living abroad a safe, quality environment to discuss their favourite tabletop role-playing game.

Our University Club Sponsorship Program is one of our favourite projects! We started this project in 2020 with a couple of Brisbane based clubs, but it has since grown even more! We find immense joy in helping these clubs run their tabletop gaming nights that little bit easier. Some of the clubs that we are working with in 2021 are the Griffith University Tabletop Guild; University of Queensland Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society, and the Monash University Role Players. If you’re attending any of these Universities, we highly recommend you check out these clubs!

We can provide Australian kickstarter fulfillment. Let us help you get your brand into Australia

Brands looking to enter australia?

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We would love to hear from you!

Meeples & Dragons are constantly on the look out for new brands and will assist with bringing them to our shores, no matter how small. We specialise in working with indie creators to get your product to your customer, reducing the shipping cost, increasing sales and making your customers happier.

Are you looking at crowdfunding a product and want to make it more affordable for Australian backers? Please get in touch, we offer customised fulfilment quotes for each project.

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