Tabletop Glasses

Designed to be Unique Classy Creative Immersive

Everything has its own origin story. Ours begins with a desire to have a set of tabletop themed glasses in time for our annual Valentine’s Day nerding-out. We were in deep – several amendments to our designs with text added and an etcher on standby – when a thought occurred to us. We’d spent weeks on a labour of love, perhaps others might like them for their own gaming nights. It was early January 2020 with less than 6 weeks to Valentine’s Day… Sure, let’s see who else wants some

Our first release of glassware was supposed to be a one-off thing, and never intended to be a standard product line. Several glasses were sold and that was supposed to be it … then social media slowly caught on to the fact that they existed.

Whoops! We’d accidentally created something that A LOT of people wanted but we weren’t in a position to deliver more. Not long after this we had to navigate running a business in a pandemic, self-isolation with a three-year-old, and a crazy need to be creative. And here we are at the finish line. We have launched our line of Tabletop Glasses as a standard product line. Beautiful, creative, and a little bit classy. Whether you’re into board games or TTRPGs, we have a design for you.

All our glassware is laser engraved right here in Australia supporting other local businesses and will be available for international shipping.

500mL (17oz) Stemless Wine Glasses

Each stemless wine glass is individually packed in a beautiful padded silk lined box, making it perfect for gifting to your fellow players and gamers.

  • Artificer

    AUD $40.00

    An insatiable desire for knowing the inner working of things. A master craftsperson with a knack for unravelling magical mysteries and creating unique objects. The Artificer.

  • Barbarian

    AUD $40.00

    The tribal warrior defined by their rage: unbridled, unquenchable, and unthinking fury. The Barbarian.

  • Bard

    AUD $40.00

    Storyteller, troubadour, scoundrel. Bards weave magic through their words to inspire, demoralise and manipulate. The bard is a master of song, speech and all the magic they contain.

  • Boardgamer

    AUD $40.00

    The humble meeple has become an icon of tabletop gaming. For the family gamer with their worn copy of Monopoly, to the gamer with walls covered in shelves of game titles. We are all Board Gamers.

  • Cleric

    AUD $40.00

    A divine agent capable of provoking awe and dread, laying afflictions on their enemies and healing battle-worn companions. The Cleric.

  • Druid

    AUD $40.00

    Nature’s lorekeepers and caretakers of the wilderness, The Druid is a powerful sentry of the natural world.

  • Fighter

    AUD $40.00

    A student of war with unparalleled mastery with weaponry and armour. Skilled in combat tactics and hardened by the rigors of battle. The Fighter.

  • Game Master

    AUD $40.00

    World builder. Narrator. Improvisor. Storyteller. Without them we wouldn’t have endless worlds and stories to explore. The all-important and much appreciated Game Master.

  • Monk

    AUD $40.00

    Stillness of mind and purity of body. Seeking personal perfection through contemplation, rigorous training and mastery of the body’s Ki energy. The Monk.

  • Paladin

    AUD $40.00

    A devout holy warrior sworn to uphold justice and righteousness; straying too far from their oath can risk losing divine favour. The Paladin.

  • Ranger

    AUD $40.00

    Far from the ruckus of busy cities, past the hedgerows sheltering farms from the terrors of the wild, amid the dense-packed trees of trackless forests, there you will find the Ranger.

  • Rogue

    AUD $40.00

    Cunning and elusive. Infinitely resourceful. The Rogue.

  • Sorcerer

    AUD $40.00

    No one chooses sorcery; the power chooses The Sorcerer.

  • Warlock

    AUD $40.00

    The seeker of forbidden knowledge; chained yet powerful. The Warlock.

  • Wizard

    AUD $40.00

    A scholar of the arcane who cannot resist the lure of knowledge. Their magic conjures monsters from other planes of existence, glimpses the future, and decimates armies. The Wizard.

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