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An insatiable desire for knowing the inner working of things. A master craftsperson with a knack for unravelling magical mysteries and creating unique objects. The Artificer.

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All of our Tabletop Glasses are produced right here in Australia, helping to support local businesses.


Material: Engraved glassware (hospitality grade), dishwasher safe.
Volume: 500mL (17oz)
Additional Info: Individually packed in a beautiful padded silk lined gift box.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm

Customer Reviews

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Babs Moore
Class in a glass

Absolutely love it and just sits perfectly in my hand, meeples and dragons are just amazing and so thoughtful, the presentation box is just gorgeous can't love it or them enough

Fantastic to drink from!

Really like the design engraved on the cup and the cup quality feels nice as well.
Has made me tempted to get more!

Thy Cup Runneth Over (Cleric Glass)

This glass is absolutely superb! Drinking from it is like using Channel Divinity to sip upon the sweet ambrosia of Mount Celestia! Highly recommended for all you acolytes looking to take your divine drinking game to the next level!

Party pack of glasses

The service and turn around to have the dice and glasses was excellent!

The glasses are amazing and add a touch of elegance to our messy and chaotic games. The beautiful engraving also avoids and confusion of who’s glass is who’s ;)

They are truely a wonderful addition to any group of friends sitting at a table enjoying the stories and laughter. Plus the odd refreshment or two!

Anne Taylor
Druid Stemless Glass

I love the glass, the etching shows a lot of detail. I'm also very pleased with the manner in which the glass was packaged and the short time it took for me to recieve the package after ordering it. I would definitely order from Meeples and Dragons again.

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