Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria – The Mighty Nein HC

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This hardcover art collection features a wide variety of gorgeous illustrations from the Critical Role fan community paired with text by cast members.

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Journey through Wildemount alongside the motley group known as the Mighty Nein! Encompassing the first chapters of Critical Role’s second campaign, this tome illustrates the adventures of our unlikely heroes as they meet in Trostenwald, struggle through a heartbreaking encounter with the Iron Shepherds, and more. Featuring stunning works by artists from the Critter community, Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria — The Mighty Nein is a beautiful way to revisit the origin of the Mighty Nein through the perspective of Expositor Beauregard Lionett and the archivists of the Cobalt Soul.


Writers: Liam O’Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, Dani Carr
Cover Artist: Matteo Scalera, Moreno Denisio
Genre: Humor, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: June 03, 2020
Format: FC, 264 pages; HC; 9 1/2″ x 13″

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Dimensions 34 × 25 × 3 cm


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