High Fantasy: Starter Suit – Print & Play

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15 FREE print and play, High Fantasy themed cards from Ardent Roleplay’s first High Fantasy Deck (samples from all 5 suits). Download and print at home. These function as augmented reality markers when used with the Ardent Roleplay App.

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These function as augmented reality markers when used with the Ardent Roleplay App.

Includes 15 Unique Hand Drawn Themed Cards House, Object, Disaster, Room, Monument, Path, Scene, Weapon, Treasure, Trouble, Creature, Hero, Combat, Guide, Pack/Party.

Includes 1 Info Card.

The Ardent Roleplay augmented reality app for tabletop roleplaying games uses cards as the marker images of where to place the 3D models on your tabletop. We provide game masters with a set of quality and thematic Tarot inspired cards that can be used as unobtrusive markers within your campaigns.

Designing an RPG session tends to revolve around the different encounters that players will face, whether they are engaging with an NPC, exploring where to go next, working their way through a challenge, or facing creatures or other enemies in combat.

The Ardent Roleplay cards don’t just work as the augmented reality markers but are designed to help the GM keep track of what happens, their images functioning as narrative queues. So when you are thinking about where the story goes next, you can lay out the cards in front of you like a storyline or mix them up to randomise events. During your game session you can lay the cards you decided to use out in front of you or set them up in a stand behind the screen, and you’ll have quick access to all the creatures, NPCs, scenery and props you need.


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