5e Player Screen V2

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The D&D 5th edition player screen by Shaun Sunday, fantastic reference tool for new players and the neurodiverse.

Well received by the D&D community at large this is the perfect addition to your gaming table.

Version 2 Updates:

  • Levelling guide finishes at level 10
  • Conditions panel updated to suit the latest version of the SRD
  • Comes with it’s own velvet style bag to protect it between games

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These beautiful screens are designed to cater for players using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rule set. Each screen is made from 2.8mm chipboard with a UV printed laminated coating, which is of similar quality to the DM screens supplied by Wizards of the Coast.

Unlike the DM screen however, the player screen is compact in size standing at 148mm in height, it won’t hide the player from the action. The front contains unique artwork of the mischievous mimic monster that frequents the standard dungeon adventure. On the back of the screen are the rules most frequently required by the player, which are presented in a well thought out layout that is designed to assist the new & neurodiverse players alike.

This creates a more free flowing game, reducing lost time with referencing guidebooks or asking the DM for rule clarification.

Left-hand Panel Features:

  • A full list of what a player can do each turn and a reminder to try anything!
  • Perfect for new players who struggle with the “You can do anything!” concept.
  • Darkvision & how it works.
  • Polyhedral dice pictorials.

Middle Panel Features:

  • Experience points and level up tables.
  • Death saves & how they work.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Advantage/Disadvantage.
  • Types of Ability checks.
  • Resting options and the benefits.

Right-hand Panel Features:

  • Lists the various player conditions and how they apply to the player.
    eg. Poisoned/Petrified/Invisible, etc.


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