Pride Dragon Bagon – Bi

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Give your hoard a proud and fierce guardian with a Bi Pride Dragon Bagon.

Based on the Bi Pride flag by Michael Page, these vibrantly coloured dragons are known for their unique perspective on loot, and will carefully guard a variety of treasure.

Dragon Bagons are ferociously cute little dragons who love to hoard dice and other treasures. Each one stands about 20cm (8 inches) tall and is made of soft cuddly fleece. Flip back their head to reveal a sturdy dicebag belly that will easily hoard 100 standard dice (or other treasures). Of course, once they’ve got your hoard, it’s a matter of tact, negotiation, and bribery to get it back.

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Hot pink head and wings. Purple belly, chin, front inner wings, and inner spikes. Blue scales, outer spikes, and back inner wings.

Dragon Bagons are intended for ages 14 years and up. This is largely due to the plastic eyes and drawstring presenting a hazard to small children. We do NOT recommend leaving children unsupervised with Dragon Bagons at any time.

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Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm


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