Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 32

A Valiant Effort 

Nundro, Gundren’s youngest brother, was face down on floor laying in a pool of his own blood. Gundren stared in shock at his dying brother at his feet, all thoughts of battle lost.

Nezznar had more in store. Raising his hand in the air he summoned five balls of magic energy. With a flick of his wrist, he directed the magic missiles directly at the halfling in front of him, dealing 16 damage to Merric. As he was already engaged in melee, he had no other options available.

*The party really outmanoeuvred the BBEG by all having won the initiative round, but there was more than just the Nezznar in the room.*

It was the giant spider’s turn, directing their webbing at Merric and Asterin. Asterin avoided their attack but Merric became restrained in the thick web preventing him from moving. Moving closer the spiders positioned themselves for a future attack on Wendel.

The final bugbear’s turn saw it swing its morning star against Merric successfully scoring 12 worth of damage. Merric was feeling a little sore but wasn’t too concerned. As it was now Merric’s turn, he succeeded on a strength check and ripped the webbing apart allowing him to move once more. Then used his second wind to restore 14 hit points.

*Fighters man…*

The rest of the round had Aurelia and Asterin fire their respective spells, with only one eldritch blast hitting the Drow. Tired of missing with her ranged spells, Asterin moved forward into melee range. Realising that they had forgotten about Nundro, Aurelia yelled at Gundren to get his brother out of there. But her cries fell on deaf ears as Gundren was completely inconsolable over losing his second brother through the course of a single day.

*I occasionally roll dice to see how an NPC would act in a situation. In this case I had Gundren roll on WIS… I got a 1. So needless to say he was completely overcome with his brother dying at his feet and remained in place.*

Wendel focused his attacks on the spider beside him, but unlike his earlier turns only succeeded in getting in one strike. Burning another ki point to use flurry of blows, he missed with the first strike and opted to convert his second strike into Hands on Healing upon the dying Nundro.

*He was a Way of Mercy monk after all. It was a good thing he did this, as he had already lost two death saves with the original coup de grâce performed by Nezznar.*

With a successful 8 points of healing Nundro started breathing again, and Gundren also breathed a sigh of relief.

Nezznar ignored the dwarves at his feet and focused his attention upon Merric once more. Speaking words of magic he ground a bit of honeycomb in his hands as his eyes sparkled with a bright purple energy as he cast suggestion.

His voice boomed with force, “Leave the room! ” he commanded as the halfling failed his wisdom save.

*I can’t believe I stuffed this up, I should have said leave the mine. In my defence, I had just recovered from a nasty cold and was still feeling worse for wear. But adding the extra words could have completely changed the course of this fight.*

The remaining enemies turn had both the Giant Spiders attack Wendel succeeding on dealing 13 total damage as Wendel failed the constitution save. Meanwhile the Bugbear sensed the change in Merric and dealt its savage attack on Nundro, who still hadn’t been moved from outside melee range.

Merric lost his next turn as he made a beeline for the exit. Aurelia once again fired off her eldritch blasts but failed to hit anyone, she screamed at Gundren to get his brother out of there. It appeared as though her cries finally broke through to the Dwarf, who snapped to his senses, dragging Nundro away from the battle.

New Arrivals

dragon icon green

Seeing Nundro was still not recovered, Asterin took a chance to leave combat and raced over to his side. This opened her up her flank and one of the Giant spiders took the opportunity to bite her leg, dealing 11 damage. Asterin smiled and with her reaction Wrath of the Storm sent lighting down her bitten leg and struck the spider back with 9 damage. Now at Nundro’s side she cast Cure Wounds upon him. Nundro appeared to be finally safe.

Left with two spiders still beside him, Wendel strikes out felling one and damaging the other. Realising that the rest of his party has left him to hold the fort, he enacted his patient defence preparing for the enemy’s turn.

Nezznar disengaged from Wendel and backed up to one of the columns looking for an opening to flee the room next turn. Both the Giant Spider and Bugbear attempt to strike at the nimble halfing, but due to his patience defense all attacks missed Wendel.

Third round started with Merric declaring he had “officially” left the room *groan* and then immediately dashed straight back into melee position right in front of Nezznar. *groan, see what I mean.* Aurelia narrowed her eyes determined to do some damage this round and glaring at the Drow she threw out her Edritch Blasts. One of them struck, but the other bounced off magic energy as Nezznar enacted his final shield spell.

Gundren dragged Nundro to his feet, and together they stumbled past Aurelia out into the relative safety of the corridor. Asterin unleashed a Frostbite spell at the Drow but unfortunately it was resisted. Wendel smiled seeing that the Dwarves had reached safety and his staff became a blur as he unleashed his pent-up energy at the final spider. Staff, fist, and a kick later the spider was a bludgeoned mess, dead at his feet. He grinned at the Bugbear, “You’re next!”

Nezznar was clearly worried now seeing as how only a lone Bugbear remained and cast invisibility on himself disappearing from everyone’s sight. He immediately dashed towards the other exit of the room, Merric took a swipe at the Drow but missed. The Bugbear swung down at Wendel, but also missed. His growls were cut short as Merric strode up behind him and stabbed it from behind killing it outright.

With all current threats out of the way the party immediately try to prevent Nezznar from escaping. Aurelia immediately cast detect magic, but not sensing anything, she realises the spells short range might be the cause. Asterin closes her eyes and detects the sound of soft footfalls in the room pointing out that they are approaching the opposite exit.

Following Asterin’s instruction, Wendel dashes over to the double door and declares to the room, “Show yourself and I assure you that you’ll be trialled fairly for your crimes!” A scoff is heard immediately in front of Wendel as the Drow reappears.

“Doubtful little halfling,” Nezznar replied raising his staff once more plunging the room into darkness. Confused by the sudden onset of darkness Wendel is unable to sense the Drow as he darts out the door.

“No, you bastard,” cried Merric as he races over to the door, pulling them open staring into the unnatural darkness beyond.

They have bested the Black Spider but has Nezznar escaped from their reach? What other surprises does the Drow have in store? Find out next session.

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