Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 27

A Brother’s Sorrow 

Sildar was very pleased about the rescue of his friend and shouted the party another round, taking Toblen aside to make sure Gundren had everything he needed until he was back on his feet. Gundren thanked the party once again and indicated that he fully intended to make his way back to Wave Echo Cave tomorrow.

He had grown very concerned about the fate of his two brothers, Nundren and Tharden. The original plan had been for Gundren to secure resources and allies while his two brothers would explore and guard the entrance until he had returned. Their supplies would have dwindled by now and they would have needed to return to town for supplies but no one in town had seen them.

Gundren made an offer to the party, tomorrow he would retrieve funds and reward the party 25gp each for his rescue. In addition, he requested their aid in returning to Wave Echo Cave and assist his efforts with clearing out whatever may be lurking within its depths. In return he promises a 10% share of the mines’ wealth once his operation there is up and running. The party were very pleased with this offer and immediately agreed.

With hands shaken in agreement Sildar returned to the table and was greatly pleased that the party would be accompanying Gundren in the morning. Aurelia enquired after Griska’s activities, however Sildar had nothing to report indicating that he had been avoiding stepping on any toes. Sildar also informed them that he had heard that Linene at the Lionshield Coister had gotten in a new shipment and recommended that the group stop by before they left town.

The party retired for the evening and the next day spent the morning restocking their supplies. Asterin & Wendel made straight to the potion maker Elanora to see what potions were on offer. Regretfully Elanora didn’t have as much stock as they had hoped, she informed the group that several individuals in town had been keeping her very busy, especially this incredibly handsome man who had purchased all her fire breathing potions.

*Potions take days, sometimes even weeks to create and the group had already taken a few of the healing variety. The handsome man purchasing the fire breathing potions was a seed I planted for future events. *

Aurelia visited Sister Garaele at the orphanage to see how the children’s education was coming along and was pleased to see little Erica was in attendance with the other children. Without further ado, Gundren directed the party west and led the way out of town up into the rising foothills towards Wave Echo Cave.

New Arrivals

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*No random encounters this time, I was eager to have the party to begin delving into the last area of the campaign. *

They arrived at the mouth of a small cave by mid-afternoon without incident. The cave mouth was cut into the SW side of a large hill and was only 5ft wide. Gundren immediately escorted the party within the cave’s passage, after 70ft the passage widened into a large cavern supported by a natural pillar of rock. In the western part of the cave behind the column of rock were the remains of the dwarf’s campsite. Slumped in the centre with an arrow in his chest was a dwarf. He was clearly dead.

With tears in his eyes Gundren ran over to his brother and threw his arms around his corpse. He slowly rocked back and forth with his dead brother in his arms, sobbing quietly in his grief. Wendel joined him in an effort to comfort him, the others moved over to the other side of the cavern to give Gundren some privacy and to examine the wide pit in the north-east side of the cavern.

A hemp rope was fastened to a nearby stalagmite and dangled down the side of the pit. At the bottom of which is a rough-hewn tunnel heading northwest and east. Gundren pulled himself together, closing his brother’s eyes he gently laid his brother on the ground. He apologised to his brother Tharden and immediately removed his brothers’ boots handing them to Wendel.

“There is dwarvern magic in them lad. Tharden won’t be needing them any longer and they may just help us get the bastards who did this. My younger brother Nundren isn’t here. I pray to the gods that he is still alive.”

He bid his brother farewell, swearing vengeance and immediately descended the rope down into the pit. Wendel looked over the boots. They were a set of Boots of Striding & Springing which he offered to Merric to put on. The group followed Gundren down into the pit and they all began to hear a strange rhythmic sound escaping from the tunnels. A deep rolling booming noise of the crashing of waves against a shoreline filled the area, retreating for a moment then building and crashing once more. The group looked surprised at unique sound. Gundren turned to them,

“Welcome to Wave Echo Cave.”

Will the group find who killed Tharden? Has the Black Spider taken up residence in Wave Echo Cave?

Find out what horrors the group finds exploring Wave Echo Cave in the next session.

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