Lost Mines of Phandelver – Session 15

A Family Reunited

With Kayla cleaned and in fresh clothes they were ready to reunite her with her family. Exiting the Stonehill Inn the party headed towards the Edermath Orchard. On the way Aurelia explained in detail about the earlier interaction with Kayla’s husband, Jacob, and his attempt to sell off her daughter.

*Aurelia was determined that Jacob would be held accountable for his actions. *

Kayla’s face went still, clearly her head was bursting with emotions to see her family and this extra information was a lot to suddenly take in. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself and took the lead, having seen the apple trees appearing up the road.

Approaching the orchard, a large farmhouse stood at the end of the road surrounded by nearby fruit trees. Farmhands had begun putting their tools away and washing the sweat from their faces before retiring to a communal dinner in the farmhouse. Several farmhands stopped and stared in disbelief at the sight of Kayla.

“Mumma!” cried out a little girl’s voice, quickly followed by little Erika as she burst out from the farmhouse and sprinted towards her mother. Kayla burst into tears and ran towards her daughter, embracing her in the middle of the yard. Several onlookers had tears in their eyes.

“Mother!” raised several other voices from the side of the yard, and two older boys ran out to Kayla and the kids embraced their mother together, tears in their eyes. A figure stood by the barn, Jacob, stunned at the sudden appearance of his thought to be dead wife. He took a step towards his family.

Using her Awaken Mind ability Aurelia chose this moment to whisper into Jacob’s mind. “We told her what you did!” with a self-satisfied grin on her face. Jacob’s head snapped up as if struck, he froze mid step and his eyes locked on Aurelia’s face. His face visibly paled and he hung his head in shame.

*Oh dear… sorry Jacob, Aurelia really hates you. Lol *

Just then Daran, owner of Edermath Orchid, tears in his eyes at seeing the reunion, he yells to everyone that a celebration was in order and invited everyone inside to eat, drink and be merry. Walking over to the party he shook each of their hands, thanking them on behalf of the family and all but dragged them inside.

Kayla and her children all went inside, Jacob all but forgotten. Inside everyone sat down to a round of cheers and applause, food beckoned them to the table. Several kitchen hands ran out with mugs of apple cider and the whole farm joined in the celebration.

Aurelia smiled quietly to herself, waiting for a distracting moment, then left the party early and walked back to the inn. On the way back she encountered Falros heading towards the farmhouse, whistling a tune as he went. A little surprised to see him, she asks that he give the family some space, as they have not seen each other in some time.

Smiling pleasantly, he agreed and offered to join Aurelia for her walk back to the inn, making light conversation. Back at the Stonehill Inn Aurelia orders some wine and sat in the taproom enjoying the entertainment of a certain bard as he filled the room with music. A few Calimshan musical choices were made solely for Aurelia’s benefit.

Feeling the weight of the Kayla’s family emotional display, missing home and after a little wine, Aurelia made the universal sign known to lovers throughout the land and invited Falros upstairs. Falros smiled in agreement and the two spent the night delighting each other with their respective talents.

Back at the party, Merric and Wendel had begun a drinking contest, with neither side backing down and several drinks already consumed. A little concerned with the current display of halfling fortitude, Daran slammed down a single bottle of much stronger, homebrew Apple spirits.


dragon icon green

The drinking competition went sharply downhill from here with both halflings passing out with the same drink. Merric threw back his mug and fell back with his chair crashing to the ground, Wendel laughed before slamming his mug and face hard on the table before him.

*Both had failed the last constitution save, Wendel rolling narrowly higher than Merric. A fail is still a fail. Although Wendel insists that he was the winner. *

Asterin sighed at the drunken display. Daran chuckled as he picked up a halfling in each arm and escorted Asterin back to the inn. Chucking the halflings into a single bed, knowing full well the laughs she and Aurelia would get out of their display in the morning, Asterin held back a chuckle as they start snuggling drunkenly into each other in their sleep.

*This was all prompted by the players. Their characters were drunk, and they just went with arguing over who got the be the bigger spoon… *

Seeing the locked door to Aurelia’s room, Asterin recognised the familiar signal that her sister must have some company. She sighed to herself, thinking of Kayla and her family, which led to thoughts of home. Her mind lingered more on her library at home that she missed greatly, her other sisters she did not miss as much. Her thoughts on home she retired for the night.

*This next event I had originally planned for another visit to town as it was completely off book. However, I was growing concerned with certain parties in town and the growing tension. I also had two very drunk halflings… I couldn’t resist. *

Aurelia awakens to shouts and heavy footfalls outside the inn. Looking outside she could see the Greycloaks running to the north side of town, but couldn’t see more. Dashing out the door and into Asterin’s room she could see a huge fire on the outskirts of town. Everyone was quickly awakened and made their way downstairs.

*Merric had succeeded in shrugging off the affects of the alcohol. Wendel had not and was now considered poisoned for the next few hours. *

Rushing outside to see how they could assist, with her dark vision Asterin spotted several dark cloaked individuals attempting to keep themselves concealed as they made their way to the south, towards the Miner’s Exchange. Her curiosity peaked, Asterin strode off into the night leaving the party to follow her southwards.

At the Miner’s Exchange the two guardsmen stood watch beside the main door. When querying them about the cloaked figures, they deny having seen anyone.

“I don’t like liars,” Asterin declared after a very high insight roll. The guards pulled up their crossbows and fired. Launching themselves at the two men, the party subdued them quickly and they lay knocked out in the mud.

*A still drunk Wendel missed a lot, but the other made up for his those disadvantage rolls. *

A quick investigation revealed that their uniforms contained dried blood and that they wore dark clothing beneath. Asterin also discovered a key in one of their pockets and the party looked up at the Miner’s Exchange concerned with what may have occurred within.

With this new threat now present and what lay in store within, we ended the session.

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