GM Appreciation Day 2020 Competition

March 4th is recognised as International GM’s Appreciation Day. Without these dedicated, creative individuals, what would our role-playing games be? They build worlds for us to explore, NPC’s for us to meet, love, or murder-hobo, and build countless lifelong memories with us every step of the way.

All that hard work deserves some thanks, and to help celebrate GM’s everywhere we’ve put together a little gift pack that you, their thankful players, have the opportunity to win for them.

The pack includes the following;

  • A Sapphire Game Master Looking Glass XL from Dog Might Games (exclusive to M&D)
  • 3 6oz Cantrip Candles:
  • – Dungeon Depths
  • – Black Hound Tavern
  • – Sanctuary
  • 2 Paola’s Pixels Pins
  • – Dungeon Master
  • – Roll for Initiative
  • All of this with a total retail value of $200 (AUD)

So how do you enter to win these shiny offerings for your GM?

It’s simple really! Head on over to the link below and in 500 words or less tell us why you appreciate your GM. What wonderful bits of storytelling have they wowed you with? Crazy encounters that have gone laughably wrong. Simple acts of friendship that have helped you out of a dark place. Share your most amazing stories with us.

The competition will close at midnight on March 3rd AEST. Once we’ve closed it off, we’ll review every single entry and choose the entry that either renews our faith in humanity the most, or has us falling off our chairs in fits of laughter. Either way, you can be assured that the most amazing story will be chosen. The winner will be announced on GM Appreciation Day itself – March 4th at 12pm AEST – And the winning entry published on our website and social media pages.

This competition is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. That’s right we’ve even opened up this competition to our neighbours across the ocean this time!

So come on everyone, let’s show our appreciation for one of the most important people in our lives for all the effort they put into their worlds, their adventures, and their incredible amount of patience as we, their mischievous players, derail their story arcs yet again.

M&D GM Appreciation Day Competition