Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

If you’re finding it hard to find the right gift for your tabletop gaming Dad this Father’s Day and don’t want to buy another pair of socks or more BBQ equipment for them this year, keep on reading. No matter if they’re into wargaming, board gaming, or RPG’s we’ve got a little bit of something for everyone in this gift guide!

Gifts For Dice Hoarding Dad's

Bags, boxes, and dice themselves are pretty much the basics to keeping dice hoarding Dad’s happy. For the Dad with only a few sets, or maybe just one particular favourite, Looking Glass dice boxes by Dog Might Games are a good start to surprising them this Father’s Day. There’s 2 different sizes to choose from here – Looking Glass which holds a standard 7 piece dice set with a little wiggle room to spare, or a Looking Glass XL which can hold 4 standard 7 piece sets. The XL’s come in 2 different types as well. D&D themed designs and standard Dog Might Games designs. So many choices!

If your dice hoarding Dad has a few too many sets, it might be time to upgrade to a bag. Both Dragon Bagons and Bagthulhu’s can hold 100 dice! And are cuddly to boot.

And then there’s dice. Of course. Spoil your dice loving Dad with some shiny new click clacks.

Wearable Gifts For Gaming Dad's

Sometimes you really can’t go past getting Dad a new shirt for Father’s Day. At least it’s better than a pair of socks, eh? We currently have 13 D&D themed designs to choose from, which you can put on 4 different shirt colour combos. Whether your gaming Dad plays a wizard, or his favourite character of all time was a death cleric he lost a few campaigns ago, you can get him something to wear that reps his character. For something extra special, you could also team it up with a matching D&D themed Looking Glass XL.

Gifts For Game Master Dad's

Making game play as immersive as possible is a goal high on the list of any Game Master. Designed to immerse RPG players in a variety of fantasy themed locations, Cantrip Candles adds another layer of atmosphere to the gaming table. Some of our best selling scents are Coffee Shoppe, A Walk in the Woods, Black Hound Tavern, and Sanctuary. Or if you’d like to grab a variety for your GM Dad to try out, there’s Sample Packs or Themed 3 Packs to get them started.

If you really want to wow the Game Master in your life you really can’t go wrong with a Valhalla Screen. One of the most luxurious RPG accessories available on the market, nothing intimidates players more than sitting down with one of these works of art on the table! Make the most of getting one of these screens by pairing it with it’s accessories – storage shelf, extra plexi initiative trackers, and dice tower – All of which attach directly to the screen via magnets allowing for easy customisation every time they set it up!

Gifts For Wargaming And Mini Painting Dad's

Surprise your wargaming or mini painting Dad with something extra special this Father’s Day with a Mini Painter. This little tool has been designed to help stabilise the painting hand while dealing with the tiniest details on their miniatures. Added to that, the base acts like a safe drying space so there’s no need to move your mini once you’re done until it’s completely dry.

Gifts For Board Gaming Dad's

There’s no such thing as too many games, so perhaps you’d like to grab your board gaming Dad a new title or two.

Or maybe they need some snazzy storage for tokens or cards.

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