D&D Themed Glassware – Updates & Info

Back in January this year, I had the crazy idea of taking some of our wonderful D&D artwork and engraving them into glassware as a special Valentine’s Day gift for John. We had so many designs though that I couldn’t pick just two to get done, as I wanted a pair. John and I discussed it and we thought … Well, why not get the whole set done? We love the artwork, and it’s not like they won’t get used! It seemed a little selfish to keep these to ourselves though, so we opened it up to others who may want them as well as a special order item for Valentine’s Day.

So that’s where the story of our D&D themed glasses beginnings!

We spent a while finding a great Australian based manufacturer for these, and since it was a special holiday item, we had them done up in gorgeous black silk lined boxes to show them off a bit more!

A couple of customers sent in their own photos so we could see them in action too, it was really nice to hear just how much people enjoyed them!

After seeing how much love these got, we wondered if we could somehow make these available overseas, but also cut out the shipping time and costs to ship to other countries – as well as the potential for breakages over a long haul! The hunt was on for an overseas based manufacturer to fulfill that part of the plan! After much research and many emails, we started producing prototypes. This is the latest one we have received from a US based manufacturer, which is a test run of our revamped Warlock design.

So where are we at now?

We have a couple more prototype runs to do with our overseas contacts. Having them made up and posted over to us in Australia for checking is a long, slow process at the moment. But we are determined to get these done right and release them as soon as they are 100% ready to go!

Super exciting update!! As of the start of August, we are FINALLY able to see the finish line getting closer. Glass design etching through our US based manufacturer is finally looking pretty damn perfect, so there’s only one step left to get these out and into the world. Packaging. Have I ever mentioned how frustrating choosing the right packaging is? In any case, we are super excited to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of this project and available in multiple countries! Stay tuned … More exciting news is just around the corner for these!!

Update! Update! Update!!

They. Are. COMING!! It is HYPE TRAIN TIME!! From now until the launch of these shiny, shiny glasses we will be updating our socials and this blog right here with sneak peeks of the final designs! We had a sneaky little photoshoot done of them recently and they look amazing!

We have sadly had to give up the dream of having these also produced States-side for ease of fulfilment and shipping to other parts of the world, but all that means is that you get a product that is made right here in Australia by a little Australian business. Will we still be making these available internationally? YES! Absolutely!! It just means it’ll take a little bit longer to get to you if you aren’t based in Australia.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks!!

Sneak peek #2 – The Ranger

Sneak peek #3 – The Bard

Sneak peek #4 – The Sorcerer

Sneak peek #5 – The Druid

Sneak peek #6 – The Warlock

Sneak peek #7 – The Artificer

Sneak peek #8 – The Wizard

Sneak peek #9 – The Cleric

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